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PC-TAR, Oversold and Under Adopted?
Greg Buckles
Between my Analytic Adoption surveys and my 15+ extended interviews with cutting edge litsupport, attorneys and providers actively using analytics, the vast majority of consumers and cases are not yet ready for to use PC-TAR to make relevance decisions… [more]
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eDJ Research Reports
2014 Mobile Discovery Survey Results
Small survey updating the larger 2013 Mobile Discovery survey. Eliminated one question and added a question about how respondents are enforcing policy. [more]
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2014 Collaboration Source eDiscovery Survey
This survey seeks to understand whether your company, agency or the majority of your clients either have already implemented… [more]
Legal Hold Notification 2014 - Law Firm
eDJ Group seeks to understand law firm attitudes towards and activities as they relate to managing the Legal Hold Notification… [more]
Legal Hold Notification 2014-Corporate and Government Entities
eDJ Group seeks to understand corporate attitudes towards and plans for Legal Hold Notification as part of eDiscovery… [more]
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